Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign: The Rats of Tobruk Walkthrough

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llePrior to joining Task Force One, Lucas Riggs was once a member of The Rats of Tobruk, an Australian-led garrison that held the Libyan port of Tobruk against the Afrika Corps in the early 1940s. On this particular occasion, the Rats have been tasked with laying explosives to halt the progress of a convoy.

The Rats of Tobruk is the seventh mission in the Call of Duty Vanguard campaign and showcases the North African theatre of war for the first time in the story. Find a detailed walkthrough complete with tips on how to beat the mission on Veteran in this guide!

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The Rats of Tobruk Mission Walkthrough

The Rats of Tobruk Mission Walkthrough COD Vanguard

The mission begins with Riggs, Des, and Bluey playing cards before being given short shrift by their superior officer who orders them to head towards the ambush point. From the cliff edge, you see the convoy creep into view before Hamms takes over detonation duties. The charge is set off early, leading to mass confusion against the opposition. Throw a grenade into the open hatch of the tank to send it into a burning inferno.

With the tank dealt with, continue eliminating the convoy using Gammon Bombs and the ability to see their direction to blow up the rest of the vehicles. With the convoy cleared, Hamms instructs you to check the wreckage and to your surprise, a survivor attempts to attack you with a knife before turning their attention to Bluey.

The Rats of Tobruk Call of Duty Vanguard Walkthrough

Search For The Survivor

Slide down the hill to begin searching through the abandoned vehicle and its supplies. With nothing noteworthy to keep hold of, begin looking around for the survivor believed to be German. A trail of blood can be spotted on the rocks. Follow it through the rocks until you begin to hear shouting and come across an outpost filled with enemy soldiers.

The Rats of Tobruk North African Outpost

With your squad confident in being able to attack, open fire on the unsuspecting opposition. Once they've been taken care of, head inside the semi-destroyed building and examine the maps on top of the supply box.

Begin advancing down the road which leads to the German camp. A vehicle manages to spot you, so take cover inside the ruins opposite the road and continue your path through the desert.

Tip: The desert is filled with German soldiers so if you do choose to engage, be prepared for a potentially lengthy fight.

The Rats of Tobruk COD Vanguard

Scanning the area under and around this bridge are two soldiers, silently eliminating them in order to progress towards the camp. Advance down the pathway and when it looks like plain sailing, a large group of heavily armed opposition appears. Quickly head to the right to wait for them to pass.

Abandoned house in middle of desert

Once the patrol has moved along, head inside the abandoned house. There will be a soldier in there so kill them to avoid any unwanted attention. Advance from the house and take cover underneath the bridge before the convoy arrives. After it passes, make a move in between the large rocky outcrops to some kind of safety.


Destroy Tanks

German Desert Tent Call of Duty Vanguard

At the end of the path are a group of three mysterious tents. After gathering some intel, make your way towards the makeshift runway where three tanks will be situated. Head to each of the tanks and plant a charge onto them for an explosive result. Along with the tanks, use the satchel charges to blow up the fuel depot and munitions storage to seal the deal.

The Rats of Tobruk Outpost Explosion COD Vanguard

Tip: There's an MG42 kicking around on the floor from a fallen soldier and it's the perfect weapon to take care of the Stuka patrolling the skies. Spray it down as it gets close.


That's how to complete The Rats of Tobruk mission in the Vanguard campaign. For more handy guides, check out the best M1928 loadout to use in multiplayer and the best controller settings to use.