Modern Warfare 2 to Feature Significant Sound Improvements

Audio in Call of Duty games is a hugely important feature. Having the ability to locate an opponent by listening to their footsteps can be the difference between scoring another kill and taking a trip to the Killcam screen once again.

The sound quality of Vanguard is a hot topic of conversation within the community. With Season 2.5 on the horizon, some players claim the sound is far from ideal, making it difficult to hear what's around them during matches.

If leaks are to be believed, the audio of Modern Warfare 2 will contain significant improvements, enhancing the experience.

Modern Warfare 2 Sound Improvements
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Modern Warfare 2 Sound Improvements

According to notable leaker 'TheGhostOfHope,' Infinity Ward has made numerous changes compared to the audio in 2019's Modern Warfare. The changes made enable "much clearer audio," increasing the awareness of players during a single-player mission or a fast-paced multiplayer match.

In addition, Hope says that Modern Warfare 2 will feature "some of the best sound design in any recent FPS game." With a wealth of competition armed with solid audio design, Modern Warfare 2 could stand out from the crowd if the leak is accurate.

When Does Modern Warfare 2 Come Out?

While Activision has confirmed Modern Warfare 2 is in development, clues surrounding a potential release date haven't appeared just yet. Current rumours are pointing towards an October release due to Vanguard's poor sales figures.

Teasers for the game are expected to arrive in the coming months.

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