Modern Warfare 2 Leak Reveals SBMM Changes

Despite a lack of official release for Modern Warfare 2, excitement surrounding Infinity Ward's upcoming release is beginning to build. Leaks on the sequel to 2019's Modern Warfare continue to circulate with plenty of information on the DMZ mode already out in the open.

The topic of skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) continues to spark debate within the Call of Duty community and while many enjoy the competitive matches, others prefer a more casual experience where a mixture of skills are thrown into the same game.

According to a recent leak, changes to SBMM are on the way in order to create a balanced playing field in multiplayer.

Modern Warfare 2 SBMM Changes

In a WhatIfGaming report from notable Call of Duty leaker "RalphsValve," sources close to the development of Modern Warfare 2 claim Infinity Ward will introduce bot pools. The new system enables players of a specific skill set to enter matches against bots of a similar level to stop better players from dominating a match.

The change is arriving in order to prevent smurf accounts joining low-skill lobbies and gaining an advantage.

In addition, the report details the reasons why a lobby disbands at the end of every single multiplayer match. If the disbands disappear, "SBMM would collapse," which is far from ideal.

Image showing Captain Price Operator shoot enemies
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Credit: Activision

While it's important to take leaks with a pinch of salt, the possibility of Infinity Ward attempting to improve SBMM in Modern Warfare 2 is positive news for all players. In the meantime, it's best to wait for official information before hoping multiplayer lobbies will return to a more casual experience.

As we edge closer to the launch of Modern Warfare 2, expect plenty more information to appear in the coming weeks and months. To keep track, check out our dedicated page packed with the latest news and leaks!

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