Leak Claims Classic Perk Will Return as Field Upgrade

Field Upgrades have become a staple of the Call of Duty franchise having made their debut in 2019's Modern Warfare reboot. Despite Vanguard players claiming that the current selection is "useless," the abilities enable players to gain a temporary advantage over the opposition.

With the focus of players already turning towards the launch of Modern Warfare 2, the hype surrounding a return to a modern setting is already rising.

As the hype builds, a leak has reportedly revealed a Perk from Call of Duty 4 is returning as a Field Upgrade in Modern Warfare 2.

Last Stand Field Upgrade
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Last Stand Field Upgrade

According to notable leaker 'TheGhostOfHope,' Last Stand is returning to Call of Duty for the first time since Modern Warfare 3. Rather than featuring as a Perk or as a Deathstreak, the controversial ability is a Field Upgrade within Modern Warfare 2.

This particular feature allows players to enter a downed state before dying during a match. With a pistol to use, players can attempt to score a few more eliminations before respawning. The Perk was particularly annoying in Call of Duty 4, with several players relying on it in a bid to stay in the fight for a little bit longer.

Why Is Last Stand in Modern Warfare 2?

As always, leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt and if Last Stand is in Modern Warfare 2, it's an interesting decision from Infinity Ward considering the polarising opinion surrounding the Perk. For casual players, its inclusion as a crutch could prove useful but skilled players will hope the developer removes it before the game launches.

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