Modern Warfare 2 DMZ Mode to Feature Tradeable Items

The extraction shooter sub-genre is skyrocketing in popularity. Escape from Tarkov is the top dog with a wealth of players looting and shooting their way to valuable items.

The Call of Duty franchise often introduces plenty of innovations to keep it at the top of the shooter genre, and while there's minimal information surrounding Modern Warfare 2 and its DMZ mode, leaks suggest Infinity Ward has big plans.

In addition to the mode launching in beta, a notable leaker claims DMZ will enable players to trade and purchase their items with other players through a brand-new in-game marketplace.

Tradeable Items in Call of Duty

According to "TheGhostOfHope," the third mode in Modern Warfare 2 will feature a marketplace where players can buy and sell items which sounds extremely similar to Escape from Tarkov. The type of currency to use in the marketplace hasn't appeared yet but there is a possibility of it using COD Points.

In addition to buying ammunition, weapons, and equipment to use in DMZ, Hope implies the rewards will cross-pollinate into Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer and Warzone 2 once the new era of the battle royale launches.

With plenty of information on DMZ circulating, the prospect of players trading a variety of items opens the door for plenty of possibilities. While Hope has already shot down the idea of weapon blueprints appearing on the marketplace, the thought of players owning a submachine gun used by a Call of Duty League pro would add an interesting dynamic.

As attention turns towards the reveal of Modern Warfare 2 rumoured to take place in June, Infinity Ward will share more information on DMZ in the months leading up to the game's full release.

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