Bruen MK9 Modern Warfare 2: Is it in multiplayer?

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Image showing Modern Warfare player holding Bruen MK9
Credit: Activision
Latest Update: August 5, 2022 -

Since the initial leak of the guns list, information on Modern Warfare 2 remains slim.

However, Infinity Ward will share more during CDL Champs on August 7. Will we find a multiplayer reveal date?

Although it's never the most popular weapon category, Light Machine Guns (LMG) feature immense damage at the cost of mobility. As Call of Duty fans wait for more information on Modern Warfare 2, a recent wave of leaks has uncovered a guns list in addition to intel on what multiplayer has in store.

Alongside the likes of the M4 and the AX-50, an LMG that made its debut in 2019's Modern Warfare is rumoured to feature within Infinity Ward's upcoming title.

The Bruen MK9 is one of the more popular LMGs to appear in a Call of Duty title thanks to its surprisingly high mobility levels. With that said, is the Bruen MK9 in Modern Warfare 2? Here's everything we know about the LMG making a return to multiplayer.


Is the Bruen MK9 in Modern Warfare 2?

Following a wave of leaks from a notable dataminer known as "Reality," the Bruen MK9 is one of several weapons making a return in Modern Warfare 2.

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Thanks to the Warzone Mobile files, they contain a wealth of information on weapons featuring in Modern Warfare 2 much to the confusion of players. It's unclear why the battle royale contains so much Modern Warfare 2 content but it's good news hearing plenty of fan-favourite weapons are on their way back to the action.

Bruen MK9 Call of Duty history

Despite appearing in a single Call of Duty title, the Bruen MK9 caught the attention of Modern Warfare and Warzone players thanks to its mobility and lethal damage output.

Thanks to the Gunsmith, players could modify the LMG to suit any style of play whether it was fast and aggressive slaying or a more patient approach.

Image showing Modern Warfare player holding Bruen MK9 LMG
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Credit: Activision

Is the Bruen MK9 in the Modern Warfare 2 beta?


The beta will act as the first chance for players to get their hands on Modern Warfare 2 before its October release. Like previous betas, it will contain a small slice of content for players to master over two weekends.

Considering the Bruen MK9 is one of the more popular LMGs to appear in recent years, there's always a chance it will appear in the Modern Warfare 2 beta rumoured to take place in mid-September.

The beta will allow players to experience the new Gunsmith for the first time. Alongside the ability to select attachments for their weapon of choice, you can utilise weapon tuning to modify the performance of specific attachments in order to suit your style of play.

That's everything there is to know about the Bruen MK9 appearing in Modern Warfare 2. Once the beta starts, be sure to check back to find the best Bruen MK9 Modern Warfare 2 loadout to dominate the opposition. In the meantime, check out our page for all the latest news, leaks, and guides.