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Artwork for Call of Antia featuring various in-game characters and heroes.

Artwork for Call of Antia featuring various in-game characters and heroes.

Looking for some handy Call of Antia codes to get you started on your fantastical adventure? Look no further! This guide features a bunch of codes to unlock a ton of freebies that will help you along during your early days with the game.

Call of Antia is a newly released match-3 RPG game available on iOS and Android devices that can be pretty fun to play. However, considering the gacha mechanics present here, getting started with Call of Antia can be tricky without any external help. With more than 50 epic characters to unlock, any form of freebies should come as a helpful surprise.

Before heading into the list of redeemable Call of Antia codes, note that we also keep lists of the latest Mobile Legends codes and even Genshin Impact codes. Now, on with the guide.

All Working Call of Antia Codes

  • FrostFestival
  • GiftOfHonor
  • Puzzle777
  • DecemberSecrets
  • Celebrating1000
  • ForYouCommander
  • AJM6C
  • CallofHalloween
  • BlackFriday2021
  • FireOfNaya
  • LoveRoyalGuard

All of the aforementioned codes have been checked and confirmed as active on December 28, 2021.

Expired codes:

Given that the game was only released recently, none of its codes have expired yet. However, it is expected that some of the active codes will be sent to the expired pool as the game grows older and newer codes are released.

How Do I Use Call of Antia Codes?

Call of Antia features a rather simple and straightforward method for redeeming codes in return for in-game freebies. Here's a series of steps that you should follow:

  • Launch Call of Antia on your device
  • Head over to the settings menu and tap on the 'Code Redemption' option at the bottom of the menu
  • Enter the code exactly how it is written above and click on confirm
  • You will receive the respective freebies inside your in-game inventory

Where Do I Find More Call of Antia Codes?

Released in October 2021, there is already a bunch of active Call of Antia codes that you can redeem for exciting in-game freebies. You can always keep an eye out on the game's official Twitter page. Additionally, you can also hop into Call of Antia's official Discord server for all the latest news and updates.

Apart from all of that, you should definitely consider adding a bookmark to this page, as we'll update this section with the latest news and codes.

How Do I Play Call of Antia

As mentioned, Call of Antia is currently available only on Android and iOS devices with no further announcements of future ports for other platforms. Having said that, getting underway with the game is fairly simple. Here's a list of steps that will help you get started with Call of Antia:

  • Head over to the official Google Play or App Store page for Call of Antia, according to your device of choice
  • Download and install the application from the official source
  • Launch the game and start solving the various puzzles that the game has to offer

Call of Antia features not only extensive puzzles but also an immersive experience of battles, magic, and dragons. With everything that the game has to offer, you should definitely give it a try if you haven't already.

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