Brawlhalla: New Fangwild Legend Incoming Next Year, Everything You Need To Know

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Blue Mammoth Gamesrecently revealed details for its 55th Legend for Brawlhalla. While this character is still shrouded in mystery, all we've had is a brief teaser so far.

Here's what we know about this incoming Legend so far.

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Brawlhalla Fangwild Legend 2022 Reveal


As seen on the official Brawlhalla Youtube channel, Blue Mammoth Games showcased some of this character's lore and release window. No gameplay was shown, and lore was most of this reveal.


Fangwild Legend 2022 Lore

As shown in the first teaser, this character will be from the Fangwild, a place said to be a forest with harsh conditions and middle area between the realms. Legends hailing from this area are the forest's de facto guardian, Ember, and one of the dragons ravaging the realms connected to the Fangwild, Ragnir.

In the story, Ember and Ragnir are still looking for ways to return to the Fangwild as it's currently in disorder after Ember's disappearance. That lore reveal said that this Fangwild legend will be some sort of royalty as a "sovereign from the wilds." This royal character is also said to pick up the role of Fangwild's Guardian after Ember's disappearance.

Fangwild Legend 2022 Weapons

The first reveal barely revealed any details about this character's gameplay and signature weaponry brought into battle. We'll be sure to update you once leaks surface and official announcements arrive any time soon.

Fangwild Legend 2022 Release Date

Blue Mammoth Games confirmed that this character will be released on early 2022. It's possible we'll hear more information about this character before 2021 ends, finally showing this new Legend's face at least.

There's also been a pattern of three to four months gap between its Legend releases. The 54th character Munin the Raven was released on October 2021. Following this pattern, we may see this new Legend's release around January or February 2022.