What Is The Best FARA 83 Loadout For Cold War Zombies?

At the beginning of Season 2, two new weapons were added to the Black Ops Cold War Zombies arsenal.

The LC10 SMG and the FARA 83 assault rifle quickly became popular choices for multiplayer, League Play and slaying the undead in round-based Zombies and Outbreak.

The FARA 83 features an incredibly fast rate of fire that few weapons can contend with alongside low levels of recoil which enable the rifle to dominate in a number of scenarios. With the right combination of attachments equipped, the FARA 83 is considered to be one of the ultimate zombie-slaying weapons in the entire game.

In this guide, find the best FARA 83 loadout to use in Cold War Zombies!

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FARA 83 Cold War Zombies


FARA 83 Cold War Zombies Best Attachments To Use
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Along with the fast rate of fire and low recoil, the FARA 83 is surprisingly accurate for a quick-firing assault rifle.

This is down to the lower levels of mobility which make the weapon much easier to handle when taking on crowds of Zombies making their way towards you.

For those that prefer a bit more mobility without hindering the overall performance of the FARA 83, selecting these attachments will certainly help.

FARA 83 Cold War Zombies Attachments

These are the best attachments to equip onto the FARA 83:

  • Muzzle Brake 5.56 (Muzzle)
  • 18.1” Takedown (Barrel)
  • Infiltrator Grip (Underbarrel)
  • Spetsnaz 50 RND (Magazine)
  • Wire Stock (Stock)

This particular combination of attachments enhances all of the FARA 83’s strengths while improving the levels of mobility to improve its versatility.

The infiltrator grip provides an additional boost in movement speed which can make all the difference if you are attempting to evade a group of undead opposition hunting you down.

The choice of a wire stock may be a surprise but with a 10% improvement in the sprint to fire speed, it is much easier to react to a target as fast as possible.

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Is The FARA 83 Good In Cold War Zombies?

If you’re after a weapon that can deal damage in every situation imaginable, I would highly recommend the FARA 83.

The high rate of fire shreds Zombies with ease until round eight where a bit more power is required but by the time I reached that point, I had plenty of points to Pack-A-Punch the FARA 83 and continued slaying the undead with ease.

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