What Is Multi-Team Elimination In Cold War?

Cold War's Season 3 Reloaded update is bringing a host of new content and it looks like it could be bringing its own take on the Battle Royale genre.

Everyone knows that Blackout was the original Call of Duty Battle Royale. Blackout came as an independent mode in Black Ops 4, three years ago.

Initially, it was well received and was always going to be a test for Activision to see what prospects a Call of Duty take on the genre would yield.

While it was a fantastic first crack, it never really got the support it needed long term and was inaccessible due to it being a pay-to-play game.

But, the release of Warzone, opened up a whole new market of players and the success has been immeasurable; now reaching over 100 million players.

Now it looks like Treyarch are taking a subtle crack at it again with the introduction of Multi-Team Elimination.

What Is Multi-Team Elimination In Cold War?

Multi-Team Elimination is being referred to as Blackout 2.0.

The mode will operate in the same way that any Fireteam mode does, but instead of respawns and multiple lives, each player will only have one.

It's unknown whether there will be a gas circle that closes in and forces players into tighter and frantic engagements, but considering how large the maps are, it's surely going to implement a mechanic to enforce more engagements.

Blackout 2.0 was rumoured before the reveal of Cold War to be in the works and something that was to be introduced in the next Call of Duty.

However, it's yet to be added or seen in any capacity. Many were also expected the Destruction of Verdansk event to bring in the new Cold War map. Instead, we've been given a flashback, 1984 version of Verdansk.

Duga appears to be the first multi-team elimination map to host this exciting new mode.

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