What Is Die Hardpoint?

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Die Hard is getting it's own mode in Black Ops Cold War as part of the Season 3 Reloaded update - Die Hardpoint.

With the 80s Action Hero theme taking a shining role in this new update, it's now bleeding into some staple game modes.


So what is Die Hardpoint all about and how does it work in Cold War?

What Is Die Hardpoint?

Die Hardpoint is a variant on the standard game mode Hardpoint.

Capture Hardpoints to gain points for your team, and eliminate multiple enemies in the same life to earn up to five powerful buffs (almost like a specialist bonus).


These buffs include improved weapon handling, ADS speed, slide speed and a larger explosion upon death (earned after a five-kill streak).

However, you'll be given a 30 seconds timer. When it hits zero, you explode, so you’ll need to capture those Hardpoints and keep slaying to survive (it operates a lot like Cranked).

Your timer extends with eliminations and Hardpoint captures, and the timer stays paused while on your team's Hardpoint. The first team to reach 200 points, or the most points before time expires, wins!

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