The Best Milano 821 Loadout For Cold War Zombies

The release of Black Ops Cold War in November 2020 marked the return of the heavily popular Zombies mode which has reached new heights in recent months.

The round-based and Outbreak modes feature a variety of weaponry from the Black Ops Cold War arsenal alongside the ability to start a match with a fully-equipped loadout.

With Season 2 in full swing, the Milano 821 submachine gun is a weapon rarely used in Zombies, but with the right combination of attachments, the Milano can become the ultimate Zombie slaying machine!

In this article, we take a closer look at the best Milano 821 loadout for Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

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Cold War Zombies Milano 821 Loadout

Milano 821 Zombies Loadout
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Famed for its solid damage output in mid-range engagements, the Milano is more than capable of shredding through endless waves of the undead.

In the early rounds, aim for the head to deal the maximum amount of damage alongside earning more points.

As the rounds progress, the opposition gets harder to kill, so make sure you Pack-A-Punch the Milano on a regular basis to make slaying the undead a walk in the park.

Here are the best attachments to equip to make it through the first few rounds with ease:

  • Infantry Compensator (Muzzle)
  • 10.6” Task Force (Barrel)
  • Bruiser Grip (Underbarrel)
  • Salvo 55 RND Fast Mag (Magazine)
  • Duster Stock (Stock)

This attachment combination provides additional ammo to reduce the need for reloading in the heat of battle, while the barrel increases overall damage, damage range, and bullet velocity, fully capitalising on the Milano’s impressive mid-range performance.

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Which weapons are your favourite to use in Zombies? Let us know your opinions and loadouts on Twitter!

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