Take A Closer Look At The Die Maschine Monster

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The new map, Die Maschine is chalked full of content for players to check out.

An immersive easter egg, along with new boss zombies has combined for some intense action.


There are numerous other easter eggs around the map, including the hidden hand upgrade easter egg which we have covered here.

As well, there appears to be a larger concern among players about the future of zombies with the sighting of a mysterious monster.

This has been spotted along the outskirts of Die Maschine and thanks to leakers, we can get a closer look at this mysterious creature.

Here we go! 




Glitching Queen over on YouTube posted a short video showcasing the monster that is found within Die Maschine.

No one has any idea what this monster could be, but it is massive. 


It towers over the map and has drawn comparisons to the robots from the Black Ops 2 zombies map Origins. 

Check it out below. 



Texture Files

Since the purpose of this monster is unknown as of now, may have speculated if it will be apart of the new zombie's storyline on later maps. 

As well, Twitter user JrrizzoYT has posted some images that capture the texture files of the monster.

They are not fully rendered; as they have not completed this portion of the monster yet, as we only see it within the distance.




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