Die Maschine: How To Complete The Hand Easter Egg

Black Ops Cold War zombies have been one of the best game modes this year.

The new map, Die Maschine is chalked full of content for players to check out.

An immersive easter egg, along with new boss zombies has combined for some intense action.

Now, players have had some time with the map and we are discovering new easter eggs each day.

A brand new one has appeared and it is going to offer you a free legendary upgrade! 

Here's how to complete it. 



This waste egg is centered around a mysterious hand that is located within the medical bay section of the map.

As well, it was first discovered by YouTuber JustAnotherUkGamer, so be sure to go check out his channel for finding this new easter egg.

This easter egg is far easier to complete than the main easter egg and your weapon will automatically upgrade to the legendary variant by completing it.

Here are the steps in order to complete it: 


Step 1: Pack-A-Punch Your Weapon & Enter The Dark Aether

This step is pretty self-explanatory; just use the Pack-A-Punch machine on one of your weapons and enter the Dark Aether via one of the portals around the map.


Step 2: Head Down To The Speed Cola Room (Med Bay)

This room is where Speed Cola lays and is also the room directly adjacent to the Pack-A-Punch room.

Be fast, however, as you will need ample time to complete the easter egg down here. 


Step 3: Shoot At 4 Red Buttons 

This is where the easter egg becomes a bit tricky, right behind Speed Cola will be a long hallway where zombies can spawn.

This is where you are going to want to look down with your upgraded weapon.

There will be four red buttons on the wall that you will have to shoot to activate. 

You will know if you have hit all of them, as a green light will appear after each one! 

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Photo via JustAnotherUkGamer


Step 4: Shoot The Button Along The Side Of The First Door On The Left

This room should now emit green light if you have shot all four red buttons.

Right next to the door is going to be a larger button, shoot this and watch a massive hand swing out of the door.


Step 5: Use This Hand To Kill 15 Zombies

The trick here is to continue shooting the button on the door each time a zombie spawns.

The hand will fling open the door and kill the zombie with ease.

Once you have done this for 15 zombies, a magical purple orb will be warped to your player.

This will upgrade the rarity of your weapon to Legendary automatically! 


Check out the following YouTube video from JustAnotherUkGamer showcasing this easter egg! 


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