Samantha Maxis In Firebase Z Is Wearing Primis And Chaos Crew Clothing

The brand new Firebase Z map has been one of the best zombies maps in quite some time.

The map is chalked full of new twists and turns for seasoned zombies players, and the easter egg is amazing.

The primary objective of the easter egg is to rescue Samantha Maxis, better known as Maxis from the Dark Aether where Dr. Peck has trapped her inside of.

You will eventually do this if you complete the entire easter egg, but some fans have noted something odd about the clothes Maxis is wearing.

Here's what we know! 



When you finally rescue Maxis at the end of the easter egg she will be wearing an interesting set of clothes.

TheGamingRevolution on Twitter put it perfectly as he noted the following: 

So it seems like the scarf that Samantha is wearing is Scarlett's not Monty's.

Does this confirm that Chaos was a part of the old multiverse and got rebooted / sent into The Dark Aether on Tag Der Toten too? She also has Nikolai's Goggles, Takeo’s sword, Dempsey’s watch and more.

There is a lot to unpack here, as the clothes Maxis is wearing when you meet her is quite odd when we think about it more.

But, how does tie into the overall story? Here are some of our best guesses. 


Who Is Primis? 

For those who do not know, Primis is the original characters of COD Zombies.

These four characters are: 

  • Dempsey 
  • Nikolai 
  • Takeo
  • Richtofen 

Maxis is noted to be wearing pieces related to each of these four characters when you rescue her from the Dark Aether. 


Who Are Chaos? 

"Chaos" is the storyline that players could check out during the Black Ops 4 Zombies iteration.

It is one set in a different time and era than the Primis one, and we have never thought the two would be somehow connected until now. 


Future Implications

Whether or not the next zombie's map is going to have any relation between Primis and Chaos is unknown as of now.

But, since Maxis was wearing pieces of clothing from both story lines, there is a good chance we could see some connection soon! 


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