How To Use The Dartboard In Firebase Z

Black Ops Zombies has hit a turning point with the release of the Firebase Z map.

The map is massive compared to Die Maschine and there is a ton to check out within Firebase Z.

The easter egg has multiple steps, and some of them are rather confusing at first glance.

In order to have a chance against some of the harder zombies, you are going to want to craft the Wonder Weapon.

One part of this process will require you to use a dartboard on the map.

This is the hardest part of the Wonder Weapon by far, and we understand some of you may be struggling with this.

But, do not fear as we have got you covered! 



You'll need to shoot three numbers on the dartboard back in the village.

But first, you'll need to turn to the computer once again and interact with it.

Once you do that, the circle on the screen will start to move (almost like a sonar).

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The section will move round clockwise, stop, go anti-clockwise, stop and finally head clockwise again - these are the three numbers on the dartboard.

These numbers change every game - they are not the same each time.

Once you have the three numbers, head back to the Village through the teleporter.

The Dartboard is located next to the Wunderfizz machine, through the Atrium, to the left of the Pack-A-Punch machine in the Village Mess Hall.

Here you'll need to shoot the board in the order as instructed by the computer and finally the bullseye to finish.

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Photo via Geeky Pastimes

The center of the dartboard will open up and drop the Aetherium Converter.

Now head back to the bench, next to the computer where you got your blueprint and you can now craft the weapon.


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