How To Unlock Salah In Black Ops Cold War And Warzone

Season 4 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is well underway and as the latest post-launch content season moves towards the halfway stage, a brand-new Operator has made its way into the ever-expanding roster. The second Operator of Season 4 is Salah, a member of the squad that joined Adler to infiltrate the satellite crash site in Algeria.

Salah is the latest Operator to join the NATO faction and rather than being unlocked through the Battle Pass or an in-game challenge, the process of unlocking Salah is incredibly simple. In this guide, find out how to unlock Salah and how to equip the Operator.

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Salah Operator Overview

When Salah isn't working alongside the CIA, he is a member of Unit 777, Egypt's special forces unit that was formed after the Soviets were expelled from the country. Known for his expertise in counterterrorism and hostage rescue, Salah is widely regarded as an integral member of NATO.

How To Unlock Salah Operator

Salah is available as part of the Tracer Pack: Salah Operator Bundle that will be making its appearance within the in-game store. The bundle contains a total of nine items including the base Operator Skin for Salah and two Legendary weapon blueprints that fire green tracer rounds.

The bundle costs a total of 2400 COD Points, making it one of the more expensive bundles available but if you're wanting to obtain Salah, this is the only way to get hold of him.

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