Black Ops Cold War

24 Feb 2021

How To Get The Truth Serum and Locker Locations In Firebase Z

The brand new Firebase Z map has been one of the best zombies maps in quite some time.

The map is chalked full of new twists and turns for seasoned zombies players, and the easter egg is amazing.

There are going to be some tricky items to locate over the course of the easter egg, and one of these is the three lockers to obtain the serum.

Thankfully, once you know what you are looking for, it will be a breeze.

Here's where to find them! 



After talking to Ravenov, you'll hear a voice-over from Peck asking you to come and meet him.

Head back to Mission Control in Firebase Z and underneath one of the Collection Units, a set of shutters will be lifted and you will see Peck.

Speak to him and he will talk about how Samantha is in the Dark Aether.

Photo via NoahJ456

Head back to Ravenov and he will give you his ID badge.

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You'll need to use this ID badge to open three lockers. The lockers will contain the ingredients for a truth serum.

The first is direct across from you, in the building that leads up to the teleporter.

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Head back to Firebase Z. Go to Engineering, which is the underground section of the building next to the dome.

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Finally, head to the Colonel's office which is the room above the Juggernog machine in the Military Command Control Room.

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Once you have all three, head to the Field Hospital to mix them together.

The process takes about 20 seconds and a bunch of Hell Hounds will spawn in.

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You'll then need to interact with it again to transfer to the Gas Dispersal Device (the blue device on the left).

Then, you can pick up the Gas Dispersal Device.

You maybe getting an idea of what this is for now!

Head back to the Dome structure, outside of the Mission Control building that hosts Peck.

There will be an air vent which you need to attach the Gas Dispersal Device to.

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Head back to Peck and talk to him, He'll start hallucinating and talking a bit more.

You'll be able to engage in another conversation, by interacting with him, which will lead you to the next step.