Firebase Z Floppy Disk Locations And What To Do With It

Black Ops Zombies has hit a turning point with the release of the Firebase Z map.

The map is massive compared to Die Maschine and there is a ton to check out within Firebase Z.

The main easter egg has a lot of components players will need to pick away at during the game.

As well, there are a lot of items within the game you need to find to proceed along the quest.

The floppy disk is one that requires an ample amount of steps to obtain.

Here's how! 

Floppy Disk Firebase Z Location

Peck will instruct you to head to the Data Center, on the top floor, is a big computer unit with a picture of a brain on it called a 'Memory Transference Station'.

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Photo via NoahJ456

Interact with it and you'll be able to take Essence Traps out of the Station.

You'll need to use these on Mimics.

Throw an Essence Trap on the floor once you've found and attracted a Mimic.

Once it walks over the trap, double-tap the interaction button (usually X or Square) to activate it.

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Photo via NoahJ456

It seems, at this time, it is slightly luck-based but they need to be on low health to catch. But, there are specific locations you need to catch them in.

The three locations are:

  • Planning Offices - above Engineering
  • Colonel's Office - above Juggernog
  • Scientist Quarters - above the Atrium/Pack-A-Punch

Head back to the Memory Transference Station and return the Essence Trap to where you found it.

The Station will tell you one of three words when you return a Trap:

  • Sokolov
  • Brahms
  • Zhabin

Firebase Z Floppy Disk Not Spawning

If it doesn't work the first time, try it again as it does eventually work.

Once done correctly, it will give you a Floppy Disk.

If it's still not doing it, try playing an extra round and doing this step again.

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