Black Ops Cold War

24 Feb 2021

How To Fix Black Ops Cold War Crashing On Xbox Series X

Black Ops Cold War is a direct sequel to the very first Black Ops title which released a decade ago.

Now the game has released all over the world.

There is plenty of content within the game, including the massively immersive campaign.

Players have been checking out the new Call of Duty ever since it released, and this is the first Call of Duty on next-gen consoles as well.

However, it appears some players are encountering devastating issues on their brand new Xbox Series X's.

Here's how to resolve these game crashes! 



Players who own the new Xbox Series X have been reporting their game has been crashing frequently since Cold War released.

This comes as a surprise to us, as the console and game have all released this week; so there should not be an issue. 

It appears players might be playing on the wrong version of the game!

For some background context, there were multiple buying options for Black Ops Cold War.

One of these editions was the 'cross-gen' iteration, which allows you to play on the Xbox One and Series X.

So, the root of crashing for some players appears to be them trying to play on their Xbox One version of the game.

You cannot do this, however, as Black Ops Cold War does not support Smart Delivery.

But, you may indeed have the correct version of the game but are still experiencing a lot of crashes. 

Another cause of this may be that you have it installed on an external HDD and the game is not receiving the files properly. 

Try uninstalling your game and reinstalling it on the Xbox SSD within the console!