How To Find The Ronald Raygun Easter Egg In Outbreak

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Just as Treyarch promised, Season 3 of Black Ops Cold War Zombies has seen the appearance of brand-new Easter Eggs in the large-scale Outbreak mode. Alongside new Easter Eggs, the Zombies developer has also added the Duga area to Outbreak along with new weapons, Operators, and Vehicles that can be used to navigate the areas.

Some players were left disappointed when Outbreak made its debut, as there were no Easter Eggs to be discovered but the new season has already seen a new Easter Egg appear.


The surprise addition is a play on Ronald Reagan, former President of the United States who makes an appearance in the single-player campaign for Black Ops Cold War.

Find out how to find Ronald Raygun and the rewards that can be earned!

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Where To Find Ronald Raygun

Ronald Raygun Easter Egg Outbreak Cold War Rewards How To Complete Guide

There is no real method that guarantees Ronald Raygun to make an appearance in the nearby area. It is completely down to chance.

It may take several games for the Zombie to appear and it may pop up in the most unlikely of places so be sure to check every single area in order to find it.


How To Complete

The process of completing the Easter Egg is incredibly simple.

Once you manage to track down the Zombie sporting a pink mohawk and leather jacket, kill the Zombie to complete it.

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Ronald Raygun Easter Egg Outbreak Rewards

Once you've managed to eliminate Ronald Raygun, the Zombie will drop a Ray Gun complete with 100 rounds of ammunition.

By taking down Ronald, you'll be able to get your hands on one of the most powerful weapons in Outbreak without having to spend any points!

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