Firebase Z Elites Not Counting Towards Camouflage Challenges

It's time to save Samantha Maxis in the new Black Ops Cold War Zombies experience Firebase Z.

The Easter Egg was initially locked for one full day after its release, after going live on the 5th February, players have been putting in their time to complete the map.

However, a new report by Reddit users has surfaced which alludes to the notion that certain zombies do not count towards certain challenges.

Here's what we know!



Over on Reddit, user u/JackisJack12 posted the following post which has now been removed by the Reddit mods.

The title reads: 

Firebase Z elites do NOT count towards camo challenges - Treyarch, Please Fix

This post was eventually removed from the site, as some commentary in the comments led us to a tweet by the Community Manager at Treyarch, FoxhoundFPS.

FoxhoundFPS noted: 

Coming back to this conversation. Is this regarding our Mangler and Mimic special Zombies? Those are Special zombies, not Elites. Currently monitoring the conversation about it.

So, although some players have complained these zombies are not counting towards certain challenges. 

It appears this was intentional right from the get go! 

Be sure to let us know how you are finding the new map. 


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