Black Ops Cold War

24 Feb 2021

Firebase Z Easter Egg World Record: What Are The Fastest Times For Solo, Duo, Trio and Quads?

It's time to save Samantha Maxis in the new Black Ops Cold War Zombies experience Firebase Z.

The Easter Egg was initially locked for one full day after its release, after going live on the 5th February, there have been some outstanding times posted thus far.

These world record holders are in a different class compared to the rest of us, and we are marveled by their times so far.

Here are the world record holders so far for the Firebase Z easter egg! 



Thankfully, has captured all the times for each game mode within Firebase Z.

Below are the times for the solo easter egg completions: 

  1. Escapeshot - 34:50 
  2. imac234 - 36:13
  3. SensationalGreek - 36:19
  4. SStepa - 36:53
  5. DeadEcho55 - 37:20



The times only get faster the more players you have in your party! 

  1. RandyAura and Scrappy - 25:30
  2. Noobo and RxaF - 27:33
  3. TheRealAlka and z3xox - 30:26
  4. K_O_Karma and Zowsk - 31:30 
  5. Lordofthemini and Mastersparkyy - 34:17 



Only three times have been captured for Trios. 



Last but not least, teams of four have some blistering times! 

  1. Freckleston, Jheeazy, RandyAura and Scrappy - 20:42
  2. Dako, Freckleston, Rakeo and RandyAura - 28:55
  3. Ch0pSimp, Kiorno, MRJOKER___X and OfficialWiel - 35:11 
  4. Adam Charles Griffin, Aviery, Goujoin and Ohait - 39:47
  5. LegionMaster, Raging_NoClohlic, RobbedBob and milkgotwet - 1:13:24