What Is Double Agent In Black Ops Cold War?

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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season 5 is bringing a brand-new mode with it, the Cold War Double Agent mode.

Double Agent is, essentially, Among Us in Call of Duty, but with a twist (and guns, obviously).


You play as one of three roles: Operative, Double Agent, and Investigator. Each has specific duties and access to unique items to help carry those duties out.


Your goal is working with other Operatives to sniff out the Double Agent before it's too late. Operatives don't actually get special items, but instead, must rely on communication to decipher clues while they're still alive to do it.

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What Is Double Agent In Black Ops Cold War?

Double Agent

These are the mode's eponymous villains bent on silencing all Operatives or setting off the explosive charge to complete their mission. Double Agents get a suite of toys to use in the execution of their duties, including:

  • Gas Mines
  • Counter Spy Planes
  • Combat Bows
  • Attack Helicopter

They also have no negative effects from radiation bombs.



Investigators play more of a facilitator role. They can tag suspicious players, identify footsteps leading away from victims, and they get:

  • Trophy Systems
  • Stimshots
  • Hand Cannons

Cold War Double Agent will release the same day as the Season 5 update, August 12.

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