Diesel Cold War Map Guide

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Season 3 of Cold War is finally here! With the launch of a brand-new season, players will have access to a wide range of new content including new weapons, Operators, a new Battle Pass and so much more.

Alongside the other new content, Treyarch has announced a total of three multiplayer maps will be added to the ever-expanding map pool. Two of them are brand-new designs while the third is a remake of the iconic Black Ops map Standoff.

Set in an abandoned area of desert, Diesel will feature as a 6v6 map and a 2v2 Gunfight map that will feature a much smaller design. This medium-sized map plays host to plenty of fast-paced, close-quarters action with a number of areas to suit all styles of play.

In our guide, find everything you need to know about Diesel!

Map Overview And Design

Diesel Cold War Map Guide Layout
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The map doesn't necessarily feature a classic three-lane structure, but does contain a variety of areas in order to encourage a number of different styles of play.

The central map is the focal point of the map, containing a petrol station and a number of smaller buildings that lend themselves to close-quarters action or solid vantage points to deal damage from a distance.

The northern side of the map is the area with the least pieces of cover, making it ideal for snipers to post up and pick off any opponents attempting to use the area to stage an audacious flank onto unsuspecting opposition.

Key Hotspots

Petrol Station

Controlling the centre of the map is the key to success during a match on Diesel.

With limited flanking routes, it's extremely easy to lock an opposing team into either end of the map by maintaining control of the petrol station.

Inside the station, be sure to use a rapid-fire SMG to deal with any players attempting to launch an offensive play but for the more open areas, a powerful assault rifle will prevent anyone from getting too close.

Behind The Petrol Station

Located behind the petrol station is an alleyway which connects one side of the map to the other and is the perfect flanking route in order to turn the tide of a match in your favour.

It's likely that this area is littered with players looking to prevent the flank from happening but with some well-placed smoke grenades, it's certainly possible to gain some control of the map.

How To Play

All-Out Attack

Thanks to the relatively small size of Diesel, it is very easy to get up close and personal with the opposition.

At the beginning of a game, rush straight towards the petrol station to get some early kills on the board before making your way towards the smaller buildings to lock the opposition into the rear spawn.

Smoke And Mirrors

Utilising smoke grenades to your advantage is an excellent way of traversing Diesel without being detected by an opponent.

Use the grenades to block off the alleyway behind the petrol station and use a weapon armed with a thermal scope to deal with anyone attempting to navigate their way through the smoke to another area of the map.

Best Classes

Here are some of the weapons that thrive on Diesel:

  • LW3 - Tundra
  • Streetsweeper
  • MAC-10
  • Stoner 63

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