How To Get Wraith In Cold War And Warzone

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Season 3 will introduce us to an old friend in the form of Wraith - who is the featured Season 3 Operator.

Wraith joins the Warsaw Pact to help balance the large number of NATO Operators introduced in past seasons.


Wraith is seemingly modelled off of Erin "Battery" Baker, an American Black Ops 3 and 4 specialist who wielded the deadly War Machine. However, no relation is evident.

Here's how to unlock Wraith.

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How To Get Wolf Operator In Cold War And Warzone

To unlock Wraith you will need to purchase the Season 3 Battle Pass for Cold War and Warzone.

Wraith is unlocked at Tier 0 with a Legendary skin variant unlocked at Tier 100.

The Battle Pass costs just 950 COD Points.


Alternatively, you can purchase a Bundle that includes this Operator at a later date - this will typically cost you 2,400 COD Points.

Who Is Wraith?

This ex-Norwegian Intelligence Services alpine warfare specialist-turned-Perseus-agent makes a grand entrance demonstrating her skills in infiltration and sabotage.

A vital asset in winter operations, cold-blooded and intolerant of weakness, she’s the perfect antagonist to fight against the NATO forces.

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