Die Maschine: How To Complete The 'Seeing Ghosts' Challenge - All 10 Spectral Reflections

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The new map, Die Maschine is chalked full of content for players to check out.

An immersive easter egg, along with new boss zombies has combined for some intense action.


There are numerous other easter eggs around the map, including the hidden hand upgrade easter egg which we have covered here.

There are a lot of challenges that players can complete throughout Die Maschine as well.

Some of these are clustered into the secret Dark Ops tap of your menu.

One of these unique challenges is called 'Seeing Ghosts', and will require you to visit 10 spectral reflections.

An odd one for sure, but do not fear; as we got you covered! 

Let's take a closer look. 




There are ten of these all around the Die Maschine map that you will be able to visit.

According to TheGamingRevolution who covered this topic in their latest video, you will be able to achieve half of these just by completing the easter egg.

We have covered this easter egg extensively; so check out our guide here. 

Moving ahead to the remaining five you will have to see in order to complete this challenge.

Just a quick reminder beforehand, that these reflections are the instances where your Aetherscope will yell "Anomaly detected'. This will therefore allow you to interact with a blue orb, and a hologram of a previous soul will appear and begin a mini cutscene. 

The first few you are able to checkout are during one of the steps of the main easter egg. The one where you have to bring the doctor's diary to him within the Medical Bay.


From here, you can head over to the armor upgrade station and there will be an Anomaly for you to interact with.

As well, there will be additional ones at the following locations within the Dark Aether: 

  • Right in front of the D.I.E weapon room
  • When you enter the Dark Aether portal in Medical Bay, head up to where you obtain the fuse part from the crash site location. There will be an Anomaly right behind the tree.

Photo via TheGamingRevolution


When you enter into the Dark Aether within the main building of Die Machine, head down to the trail room within the bunker.


There you will find another Anomaly against the glass. 

Photo via TheGamingRevolution 


This should complete the entire challenge if you have already or plan to complete the main easter egg.

As you will encounter five of these doing the easter egg itself! 

Be sure to check out TheGamingRevolution's video down below for more assistance.

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