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Season 3 Reloaded for Black Ops Cold War is in full swing. Alongside a wealth of content arriving to multiplayer, the mid-season update also bought a huge number of changes to Zombies alongside the release of the first main Easter Egg for Outbreak.

Treyarch has said that there will be two Easter Eggs for the large-scale Zombies mode that will eventually set the scene for the next round-based map rumoured to be set in Berlin.

As always, the Zombies community was quick to solve the Easter Egg, but it wasn't as straightforward as the previous Easter Eggs on Firebase Z and Die Maschine.

In this guide, find a full walkthrough of the Outbreak Easter Egg along with some handy tips and tricks that will help you fend off the undead.

Cold War Zombies Outbreak Easter Egg Guide

The first thing to do is advance to Round 3 where you and the rest of your squad will need to accumulate as much Essence as possible in order to have the strongest set of weapons and Perks for the final boss fight.

Complete the objectives and kill as many Zombies as possible to get enough points to fully upgrade weapons and to buy all the Perks you will need.

Once you've secured everything you need, we can begin the quest!

Step One - Tune The Radios

Outbreak Easter Egg Guide Walkthrough Radio Locations
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Image courtesy of GeekyPastimes

Somewhere around the map will be a radio emitting a scrambled signal. It doesn't appear on the map, which can make it tricky to find.

The best thing to do is enable subtitles, which will give you a better indication as to whether you're close to a radio.

Once you've found the radio, there will be three other radios located around the area. Find them and tune them to the same frequencies.

If you get it right, Samantha Maxis will communicate with you. Head back to the main radio and collect the golden object and all the essence.

Head to the beacon and contact Maxis.

Step 2 - Look For Ravenov's Dead-Drops

Outbreak Easter Egg Guide Monkey
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At the beginning of Round 4, Maxis will talk on the radio, asking you to search for Ravenov's dead-drops which are pale monkeys dotted all over the map.

These monkeys are located all over the map and as soon as we find all the locations for them, we will update this step to make it much easier.

Break all of the monkeys until one of them drops some slides.

Outbreak Easter Egg Guide Slides
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Once you've obtained the slides, search for a slide projector where Maxis will talk over them before saying you will need to head to Ruka. Head to the teleporter beacon and head to the new area.

Step 3 - Enter The Missile Silo

Outbreak Easter Egg Guide Missile Silos How To Enter
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The small building in the middle of the missile silos will have a small gap in the door. Make your way inside where an elevator will transport you into the silo.

Once the cutscene has played, the search for the launch keys begins.

Step 4 - Find The Launch Keys

Key 1

Outbreak Easter Egg Guide Launch Keys How To Find
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This step is where your fully upgraded weaponry really comes in handy.

The first key can be found once you enter a room on the top floor where there are a variety of items lying on the floor. Each item will transform into a Mimicm leaving you to fend off at least 20 of the monsters!

Once you've dealt with them, head down one of the corridors where a body is propped up against a door. Along with the body, another Mimic with a red health bar above it will be much harder to eliminate.

Outbreak Easter Egg Launch Keys How To Get
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Once the Mimic is dead, the first of the three launch keys will drop.

Key 2

Acquiring the second key is much more straightforward. Head to the area labelled "B" where plenty of crystals will appear. Although it looks tempting to shoot them, hold fire for a little bit longer.

Make your way down to the bottom of the area where you will find a small canister. Interact with it and begin to shoot the crystals.

Outbreak Easter Egg Guide Aether Crystals How To Get
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Once 20 crystals have been collected, the canister will be full. Grab it and head to the "D" floor where a floating jellyfish will be floating.

Activate the explosion to begin floating into the jellyfish. While floating, you'll move past a body that will be holding the second Launch Key. We found that the best way to guarantee getting hold of it was by spamming the "Interact" button to be sure we didn't have to repeat the process.

Key 3

The third and final key involves utilising the Aether Traps that featured in Firebase Z.

Head to the "A" floor and interact with the trap. Find a glowing blue monkey that will be inside one of the many vents. Use the trap to capture the monkey to secure the final key.

Step 5 - Initiate The Launch

Outbreak Easter Egg Guide Missile Launch
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On each of the three floors is a huge console that can be interacted with.

To begin the launch each of the three keys has to be activated in a specific order. The order is completely random and may need a few attempts to get it right. As soon as the PA system announces that the initiation has started, head back into the main room and up the stairs to begin the final showdown!

TIP: The countdown timer begins as soon as the sequence has been initiated, so be quick to navigate back through the main room to ensure you've got plenty of time to deal with the final step.

Step 6 - Defeat Legion

Outbreak Zombies Easter Egg Guide Final Boss Legion How To Beat
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Now outside, the huge Dark Aether presence above will unleash the final boss known as Legion.

As soon as it spawns, don't shoot it yet as your bullets will have no impact whatsoever. Wait until Legion looks like it's about to move or launch an attack before firing everything you have.

Outbreak Easter Egg Guide Legion Orbs How To Destroy
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Once enough damage has been dealt, Legion will crouch down and three orbs surrounding it will appear. Destroying each of the orbs takes off a third of its health.

As soon as an orb is destroyed, Legion will move and a load of undead opposition will appear. Be sure to have some Monkey Bombs in reserve to avoid any unwanted attention.

Once all three orbs have been destroyed, Legion will meet its explosive demise.

Outbreak Easter Egg Legion Boss
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For a full video walkthrough, Zombies Easter Egg legend GeekyPastimes has put together a full walkthrough.

Check it out below.

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