Cold War League Play Match Cancellation Disabled Shortly After Launch

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Ahead of the launch of Season 3 for Black Ops Cold War, developer Treyarch released update 1.16 across all platforms. The update contained a number of changes including a significant nerf to the slide cancelling mechanic and another dose of weapon tuning in order to maintain some form of balance within the multiplayer metagame.

Changes were also made to Cold War's League Play mode. Players now have access to a dedicated Combat Record showcasing statistics from all three competitive game modes alongside a brand-new feature that saw the cancellation of a match as soon as a player left the game.

Hours later, the feature was disabled, much to the confusion of players looking to get their fix of competitive action.

Here's everything we know about match cancellation in Cold War League Play.

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Cold War League Play Match Cancellation

Cold War League Play Match Cancellation Feature Disabled
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First spotted by @INTELCallofDuty, the match cancellation feature kicked in as soon as one of the eight players in a match abandoned the game, leaving their team at a numerical disadvantage.

Soon after the feature arrived, it had quickly been disabled, leaving players wondering why the feature had been added into League Play in the first place.

It's unclear as to whether Treyarch intended to add the feature into the game as part of update 1.16 or if it was meant for another update arriving later on during Season 3.

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A Welcome Addition

More often than not, it is extremely difficult to win a League Play match when the numbers are stacked against you.

The addition of a cancellation feature is certainly a good idea as it means players that are continuing to play despite a lack of numbers on their team don't get penalised.

We will have to wait and see if the feature makes a return anytime soon.

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