COD 2020 Graphics Settings: Found In NVIDIA's Control Panel

Nvidia has already added settings for COD 2020 despite the game not even officially being confirmed for PC.

While it's almost guaranteed to see the game on PC, why are these settings popping up already?

Here's what it all means.

COD 2020 Found On Nvidia's Control Panel

The NVIDIA Control Panel provides control of NVIDIA graphics driver settings as well as other NVIDIA utilities that you might have installed on your system.

In a Reddi post, made by u//RedArthurDeadMorgan, it is clearly seen a few options for COD 2020 including:

  • COD2020 (cod2020*.exe)
  • COD2020 (cod_profile*.exe)
  • COD2020 (cod_release*.exe)
  • COD2020 (cod_ship*.exe)
  • COD2020 (cod_ship_unsecured*.exe)
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Photo via u//RedArthurDeadMorgan

It's likely that the new Call of Duty is making its way to PC for testing and with most of the development team working remotely, this is the easiest way this could be done.

It's exciting, although hopeful, to think that we may get to play the game ourselves soon as a beta is likely way off.

But we're potentially much closer to an announcement for this year's Call of Duty than we may think.

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