Warzone Season 2: How Do You Earn CoD Points In Black Ops Cold War and Warzone?

Warzone Season 2 for Black Ops Cold War is finally here, and that means there's a whole new set of Battle Pass rewards to chase.

It also means there are some swanky new items in the in-game store, purchasable with CoD points.

If you're new to the game, you may be wondering how to accrue this currency - here's how.

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Warzone: How To Earn CoD Points

CoD points are the franchise's premium currency, and have been for a few years now. That means that while you can buy a stack of them in say, Black Ops Cold War, you can actually spend them in Modern Warfare.

They also translate to Warzone, but you can get them for free - just not in huge quantities.

If you're looking to earn COD Points without opening your wallet, you can earn 300 just through the free Battle Pass.

Just move through the tiers and collect them as you go, and remember that you can spend them on Battle Pass tiers to give you a boost, too.

If you do end up splashing out on the paid version of the Battle Pass though, you can earn 1300 COD Points – enough to buy the next battle pass and then some.

That means that if you're a committed Black Ops or Warzone player, you can theoretically pay once and never need to buy a Battle Pass again.

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