Cold War: How To Buy Perks In Outbreak

Season Two for Black Ops Cold War is finally here alongside the highly-anticipated release of Outbreak.

Described as a large-scale, open, world Zombies experience, Outbreak continues the Dark Aether storyline as players assist Requiem in completing a variety of experiments in the largest Dark Aether breach ever seen.

Alongside Outbreak, there is a wealth of content that has arrived to Black Ops Cold War for Season Two, including new Operators, game modes, and so much more.

Several elements from round-based Zombies have been added into Outbreak, including a variety of Perks that can be purchased to give you the upper hand over the undead opposition.

Find out how to buy perks in Outbreak with our handy guide!

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How To Buy Perks In Outbreak

Der Wunderfizz Outbreak Zombies
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Der Wunderfizz: Your one-stop shop for all your Perk-purchasing needs!

Unlike the round-based Zombies where machines for individual Perks are dotted all over the map, only one Perk machine features in Outbreak

Der Wunderfizz enables players to purchase a variety of Perks from a single machine, convenient if you want to buy multiple Perks with one visit to a machine.

Like the Pack-A-Punch machine in Outbreak, Der Wunderfizz can be found in numerous locations ranging from the built-up areas of Golovka to the open forests of Ruka.

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Before heading to a Der Wunderfizz machine, make sure that you have enough points to buy the Perks of your choice.

To buy the Perks, head to the nearest Der Wunderfizz that’s marked on your minimap and clear out any undead resistance that you are likely to encounter. This will give you a few extra points and will enable you to buy the Perks without being cornered by a group of Zombies.

Buying Perks in the first round is a waste of points as the opposition is extremely easy to deal with. Use the first round to gather as many points as possible before activating the beacon, then buy as many Perks as you like in preparation for tougher undead opponents in the following rounds.

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