How To Turn On The Power In Firebase Z

After several weeks of teasers, the Firebase Z zombies map is live across all platforms!

The second chapter of the Dark Aether storyline is the first free piece of zombies DLC to release in Season One and sees Requiem and Omega groups heading to Outpost 25 in Vietnam in a bid to discover more secrets behind Dr. Vogel’s Projekt Endstation.

For Requiem, it’s also a rescue mission. Informant Samantha Maxis went to meet an Omega group informant before being held captive within the outpost.

As always, the first thing to do in a zombies match is to turn on the power in order to activate a number of elements across the map.

Find out how to turn on the power with this handy walkthrough.

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How To Turn The Power In Firebase Z

To turn the power on in Firebase Z, there are a total of three reactors that have to be activated; these are all located in Firebase Z.

Teleport To Firebase Z

You'll start off in the village, needing $1500 to open the door to get to the Teleporter at the top of the Village.

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The Locked Door is marked for you, head up the stairs and follow the arrows until you reach the teleporter.

Enter the teleporter by pressing X or Square.

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Activate Aether Reactor 1

Once at Firebase Z, you'll see three locked gates to the left, right and middle of your current location.

Each gate will lead you to a reactor. Every reactor will cost $2750 to reach and a further $500 to activate the reactor.

The first reactor can be found in Mission Control. Enter the gate on your left, go up the stairs, head straight on and turn right.

Go up to the Aether Reactor in the middle of the room and activate it - you then need to protect the three collection units inside the room.

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As you kill zombies, their souls will be collected into the Units.

You can tell if a unit is being attacked as it will glow red. It's best to do this as early as possible to make it easier to manage.

The Zombies will, most of the time, focus on the Collection Unit rather than you. But, if you get in their way, they will attack you.

After they are fully charged, the reactor will turn on and blast away any remaining zombies.

Activate Aether Reactor 2

The second reactor is located at Military Command as is one of the easier reactors to activate thanks to the open spaces enabling you to train the zombies around the area.

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Activate Aether Reactor 3

The third and final reactor can be found inside the Data Center.

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Once the process has been completed, a pulse of Dark Aether energy will eliminate any remaining enemies and you’ll receive 1000 Points for your troubles.

With the power turned on, you will have the ability to explore the map in its entirety as some doors require the power to be activated in order to open them.

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