How To Level Up Fast In Cold War And Warzone Season 2 - Rank Up Battle Pass Fast

Season 2 for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is now live and players are eagerly looking to rank up their Battle Pass fast and get all the rewards on offer.

We're approaching the mid-way point in the season with Season 2 reloaded landing.

If you're struggling to make the most of the new season, you may need some help to kick your ranking up into gear.

Here's how to level up your Season 2 battle pass in Cold War and Warzone FAST!

How To Rank Up Fast In Black Ops Cold War Season 2

Looking for advice to levelling up fast in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone?

While you will receive passive XP in your Battle Pass just for playing, there are ways to speed this up and take it a bit further.

There are several ways to level up quickly in Black Ops Cold War. Thanks to cross-progression across multiplayer and zombies, it doesn’t matter which game mode you opt to play as there is plenty of XP on offer.

Here are some sure-fire tips that will allow you to reach Prestige Master in no time at all.

Play Objective Game Modes

While modes such as Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All often provide plenty of fast and furious action, they offer very little XP in comparison to the modes that involve competing for some form of objective.

Kill Confirmed, Domination, Hardpoint and Fireteam are great game modes that still provide the chaotic action of a TDM, but also consist of playing the objective in order to score the victory.

By playing the objective, you can earn extra XP for scoring kills while standing on an objective and by collecting the dog tags in Kill Confirmed.

Use XP Tokens

When there isn’t a Double XP Weekend active, utilising the XP Tokens that can be earned by working your way through the Battle Pass is an ideal way to earn additional XP over a specific period of time.

Double XP tokens offer twice as much XP from a match than usual, often giving huge post-match bonuses to increase your level extremely quickly, while the Double XP Tokens can also be utilised.

Every time you increase the level of any weapon in the Black Ops Cold War weapon arsenal, you receive XP, and if there’s a few weapons that you have yet to use, pop a Double Weapon XP token before the match and use the weapon to earn even more XP.

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Support Scorestreaks

While some Scorestreaks allow you to deal plenty of damage and rack up a lot of kills, others provide much-needed information that often assists you and your teammates on the way to a victory.

Scorestreaks such as the Spy Plane output XP when an opponent is revealed on the minimap and if a teammate manages to eliminate one of those revealed targets, resulting in even more XP being earned. Considering that the Spy Plane requires a low amount of score to earn, you can easily score a couple during a match to keep the XP rolling in.

This also works well in objective modes where kill interactions are much higher.

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Complete Challenges

In both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War there are challenges available that range from Seasonal, to daily to Career.

All of which will count towards your Prestige levels and Battle Pass.

You'll earn XP naturally by attempting to complete them and then top it off with a big bonus once it's done.

Look at some of your near-completed challenges and try to tackle those first!

When done, focus on some other easy challenges - this may require you to change your class setup to accommodate.

Be sure to try out different guns and rank them up too using your Double XP Tokens!

Party Up

It's a small difference, but you're going to get a lot more XP for winning games and generally being the top squad.

You need to find a good balance between a great squad that wins and sets you up for success but doesn't steal all the kills.

Unfortunately, just because you're winning doesn't mean you're scoring points if you're having little interactions.

Maybe look to add one or two players to your squad so there's still enough for you to do whilst controlling the game!

How To Rank Up Fast In Warzone Season 2

How To Level Up Fast Warzone Season 2
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Just like Black Ops Cold War, there is a range of methods that can be utilised to level up quickly when dropping into Verdansk or Rebirth Island. Here are a couple of tips and tricks that will increase your level fast.

High Kill Games

Scoring kills during a Warzone match is a sure-fire method of earning plenty of XP. To ensure you’re scoring as many kills as possible during a match, land in a busy area of the map such as Superstore to kick off the game with some early kills and make sure you acquire the loadout of your choice as fast as possible to take down opponents with ease.

Try playing the Rebirth Island Resurgence mode to earn more kills!

Complete Contracts

Located all over Verdansk and Rebirth Island are a variety of contracts that can be completed. Whether it’s attempting to score a kill on a bounty target or searching Supply Crates, completing contracts can often reward plenty of XP, resulting in a rapid increase in your level.

Buy Tiers

Buying tiers are generally a last resort as they cost 100 COD points per tier.

But, if you're not far off a Double XP token, you could use it to get the ball rolling if you're in a slump. That could lead to a new weapon Blueprint for a gun you've not used much before!

Play Shipment And Shoot House

If you own Modern Warfare still, you'll still earn XP and rank up your Battle Pass here.

Be sure to jump into some Shipment or Shoot House for quick and frantic games!

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