What Content Is Coming To Zombies In Season 2?

The start of Season Two for Black Ops Cold War is just around the corner.

Starting on February 25th, the latest season of post-launch content will contain a variety of content including new weapons, new Operators, and a brand-new Zombies experience known as Outbreak.

Although it doesn’t look like there will be a new Zombies map releasing as part of the season, there is still plenty of Zombies content for players to get stuck into.

So, what Zombies content is arriving in Season 2?

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Black Ops Cold War Zombies Season 2 Content


Outbreak Black Ops Cold War
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After several leaks and rumours suggested the imminent launch of a brand-new Zombies experience, Treyarch officially revealed Outbreak to the world on February 18th.

Described as an “entirely new, large-scale Zombies experience”, Outbreak will see squads of players attempt to complete a range of experiments that have been designed to research the Dark Aether.

Taking place in the Ural Mountains, Outbreak will feature a range of new enemies to defeat while attempting to complete the tasks at hand, alongside plenty of rewards and new pieces of intel to discover within the confines of the map.

In order to escape the Ural Mountains, players must successfully complete all experiments before calling in an Exfil. For those that want to continue investigating the outbreaks, entering a Dark Aether portal to a new location is the way to go. It’s a high-risk mission, but the rewards are even greater for those that survive.

Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade

Season Two will see the debut of a brand-new Field Upgrade for Zombies.

Frenzied Guard grants players the ability to grab the attention of all enemies on the map for a brief period of time.

This can be perfect to use if squad members are pinned in by a group of Zombies or it can be a sure-fire way of scoring thousands of points in just a few seconds.

Like all Zombies items, Frenzied Guard can be upgraded by using Aethrium Crystals, granting the user abilities such as armour repair and increasing its duration.

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Shatter Blast Ammo Mod

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Ammo Mod
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Alongside a new Field Upgrade, players will also be able to get their hands on a brand-new Ammo Mod.

Known as Shatter Blast, the mod will be available when players Pack-A-Punch their respective weapon or purchase the Elemental Pop Perk. Once acquired, all bullets fired will deal explosive damage along with the chance of each bullet exploding, which deals additional damage and destroys any armour it comes into contact with.

Perfect for destroying some of the stronger Zombies that appear and clearing out a congested area of the map, the mod looks like a lot of fun to use when giving the undead an explosive ending.

New Skill Tiers

With new forms of Aetherium Crystal, all upgradable skills will be able to be upgraded further thanks to the addition of Tier 4 and Tier 5.

Flawless and Refined crystals can be earned by making it into the higher rounds of a standard Zombies match or by completing several Outbreak experiments in one run.

The crystals will be great for improving weapons, ammo mods, and more.

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