Black Ops Cold War: Spratt Provides Tips To Help Players Master The Latest Call of Duty

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Black Ops Cold War is here, and the game's "back to basics" multiplayer gameplay has millions of players logging in to earn killstreaks and level up.

If you've been playing Call of Duty for a while, you'll likely have heard of Spratt. The longtime content creator has put together some nifty hints on how to tweak the game's settings to get better.


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Black Ops Cold War Settings Guide By Spratt

Sensitivity – finding the sweet spot

Higher sensitivity allows for faster responses, but it’s more of a challenge to control. A lower sensitivity can help improve accuracy but has the con of limiting your turnaround speed. Find that sweet point for your personal playstyle. If you feel you have got your perfect sensitivity in motion, but not when you’re aimed down your sights, you can also customise your low and high zoom sensitivity.


Stick Input Threshold

This setting was mainly made to help counter stick drift.  Changing this to ‘0.05’ allows for those minor adjustments you make to be registered by the game. The higher you have this number, the more motion you need to make for the game to register it. 

Turn off motion blur

As cinematic and great as it looks, having motion blur ‘on’ will hinder your multiplayer experience. Turn this ‘off’ to make your gameplay crisper and clearer, reducing any blur that will make seeing enemies more difficult. 


Field of View (FOV)

Whatever platform you are on, you can now change your Field of View in-game. A higher FOV of around 100 is my personal preference. It extends the edges of my character's vision, increasing my awareness, and allows me to see things I would not normally see.


There are multiple audio pre-sets to test and I would recommend picking the best based on your gaming setup.  But, if you cannot decide, the Treyarch Mix works just fine!


How to test these settings

You can test all these settings out against bots. There is no shame in playing offline in a private match, testing out classes, learning the maps, etc. Many professional players play bots to warm-up before tournaments. This is also a great way to figure out which weapons will be your favourite, and which to grind for first!

You can find Spratt's YouTube channel here, as well as his Twitter here.

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