How To Play Split Screen Zombies, Multiplayer And Campaign On Cold War

Season 2 of Cold War is well underway and has brought so much new content for players to try out.

Black Ops Cold War is a direct sequel to the very first Black Ops title which released a decade ago.

There is plenty to get stuck into, including brand-new campaign and zombies experiences alongside multiplayer.

However, what if you and your duo are looking to play the new Call of Duty side by side?

Split-screen used to be a go-to feature in previous Call of Duty titles but recently, the feature has become a thing of the past

Thankfully, split-screen is doable within Black Ops Cold War. But, only with some game modes.

Here's how to enable it! 

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What Game Modes? 

There are only two of the tree game modes that support split-screen.

Players can join forces in high-octane multiplayer action or slay endless waves of the undead in an all-new zombies mode.

It is currently unclear as to whether a split-screen campaign experience will be arriving to the game in the future.

How To Enable

You will have the option to play split-screen either vertically or horizontally.

Whichever one you prefer is going to be the go-to choice.

Getting split-screen ready to go is quite simple, and should not take you very long.

All you are going to have to do is plug in another controller or connect one wirelessly. 

This will prompt the split-screen option, and you are all set! 

Best of luck grinding through multiplayer levels and slaying the undead!

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