Die Maschine: How To Get The Ray Gun In Black Ops Cold War Zombies

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Black Ops Cold War is available now across a range of platforms. While the single-player campaign and multiplayer experiences are excellent, many players will be intent on slaying endless waves of the undead in the all-new Zombies mode.

Yes, Zombies is back, and it offers a wealth of hidden easter eggs and goodies to uncover – including the famous Ray Gun.


The gun has been a part of the Zombies experience for a while, and it cuts through all manner of nasties nice and quickly.

Here's how to get it as early as round 5.

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Black Ops Cold War: How To Get The Ray Gun In Die Maschine

To earn the ray-gun, you'll want to complete an easter egg dubbed "Dancing Pallbearers", as per a meme.


You'll need to have your Pack-A-Punch machine built, a gun that fires bullets (i.e not a launcher or a knife), and head to the Particle Accelerator room.

Here, there are five sneakily hidden glowing orbs dotted around the area which you'll need to shoot.

Doing so will send you back to the Dark Aether but something is off.

Here you'll see zombies carrying a coffin and dancing, and once they put it down, you can open it for a hefty amount of loot.


We don't yet know if ray-gun is guaranteed, but it does tend to have a high drop rate.

This trick can also net you the Juggernog, too.

Youtuber NoahJ456 has a full guide below:


Mine Dark Aether Crystals

Another way to obtain the Ray Gun is by harvesting the crystals that can be found in the Dark Aether. 

Once you have obtained the Wonder Weapon, head back into the Dark Aether and search for the glowing crystals. 

Some players claim that by smashing the crystals, you can obtain high-level items such as Perks and armour. Some players have also implied that the Ray Gun can also be found by doing this.


It's important to remember that this method doesn't guarantee finding the coveted weapon, but it's certainly worth giving it a go!

The Mystery Box

The third and final method to find the Ray Gun is by simply opening the Mystery Box. 

Look around Die Maschine for the box and spend 950 points for a dip in the box. If you're lucky, the Ray Gun will emerge from the box and you can possess it!


It may take several turns of the Mystery Box before it appears so make sure you have plenty of points if this is your method of choice.

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