Black Ops Cold War: Leaker Gives An Update On Multiplayer Maps

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With the Black Ops Cold War beta well into its second weekend of testing, a notorious leaker has started to steal the spotlight.

While we get stuck into what the multiplayer has to offer, including new maps, one leaker has provided a small update on what will come at launch.


This year's Call of Duty is due to release next month and players are extremely excited to see what else Treyarch has been working on.

So what do they have left to unveil?

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Black Ops Cold War Maps Update

If you haven't been enjoying the latest offering from Treyarch, we've got some good news for you; that's not all there is.


@_TomHenderson_ has given us an update on the upcoming multiplayer maps for Black Ops Cold War.

In a series of tweets, Tom said: "There are still some 3 lane smaller maps on the way, including the remastered ones I previously talked about (likely to be DLC)."

These likely refer to the original Black Ops maps that are returning such as Nuketown, Jungle, Summit and Firing Range.

He also goes on to say: "However, like Modern Warfare it looks like a lot of post-launch maps will be ripped from the new Warzone map."


This is no surprise and makes sense for saving some resources and dev time.

According to Tom, there are 6 Fireteam maps planned and 7-9 multiplayer maps (both 6v6 and 12v12) that are being ripped from the new Warzone map.

While that sounds deflating for some, he did lighten the mood: "It looks like we'll be getting more original maps than we did for Modern Warfare, but there's still a lot of content ported from the Warzone map."

He did stress that there will not be 7-9 multiplayer maps from Warzone at launch - this is just how many will arrive during the game's life cycle.

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