Black Ops Cold War: How To See Your Ping

Black Ops Cold War is here, but many players have noted some lag while playing online.

While that's not exactly a surprise given it's the launch week of a multiplayer title, you can sneak into your settings and check your "Ping".

Not to be confused with the "Ping System" that lets you mark enemies and areas, your Ping is essentially a way of showing how stable your connection is.

Here's how.

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Black Ops Cold War: How To See Your Ping

From your in-game pause menu, head into Settings.

Under the "Account and Network" tab (furthest to the right), you'll find a chart tracking your ping and packet loss.

With regards to your ping, the lower the number the better, but if you see it spiking on occasion (or the packet loss increasing sharply), you may have some connection issues.

These issues can be caused by wi-fi interference, so consider turning off devices you aren't using or resetting your router.

You can also check which server you're connected to, so be sure to use the one that's closest to your current location.

Finally, consider pausing any ongoing downloads that may be running on your console, PC, or any other device in your home as this will put added stress on your network.

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