Firebase Z: How To Upgrade Monkey Bombs

Since the release of Firebase Z, the second chapter of the Dark Aether storyline, the passionate Zombies community has been hard at work attempting to decipher the several Easter Eggs that lie hidden within the new map set in Vietnam.

The main Easter Egg quest was solved in just a few hours by the superstar squad of Zombies experts including NoahJ456 and Easter Egg expert GeekyPastimes.

With the main quest solved, players turned their attention to figuring out the smaller Easter Eggs that have yet to be discovered.

One of the most recent discoveries is the ability to upgrade Monkey Bombs in such a way that the surrounding Zombies begin to break dance!

Here’s how to complete the Easter Egg and earn upgraded Monkey Bombs.

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Firebase Z Upgraded Monkey Bomb Easter Egg Guide

To begin the process, turn on the power by switching on all three Aether Reactors.

Once the power is turned on, obtain Monkey Bombs from either crafting them with Salvage or pick one up off the ground if a Zombie drops one.

Throw the bomb down in either Mission Control or Military Command to score a total of 50 kills. The Easter Egg can only be completed in specific areas of the map and the ones mentioned above will work.

Once the kills have been scored, the next Monkey Bomb thrown will flash red, play an 80s-themed hip-hop beat, and will cause all surrounding Zombies to have a dance before their explosive demise.

If you’ve used all your bombs by scoring the kills, buy another one and it will be upgraded. The new and musical Monkey Bombs also deal more damage alongside playing the tune.

This particular Easter Egg pays homage to the original which first appeared in the Gorod Krovi map from Black Ops 3.

Are there any more Easter Eggs hiding within Firebase Z? Be sure to check back for all the latest Zombies news!

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