Black Ops Cold War: No Recoil AK47 Attachments - This Setup Is BROKEN!

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Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer has been out for just over a week and already some guns are becoming standouts in the meta.

So far, the MP5 and FFAR-1 appear to be the go-to weapons at this point in time.


But, the AK-47 is one that may give them a run for their money.

You may have noticed a few oddballs in your lobby rocking this Russian rifle and wondering why it's not that good in your hands.

That may be because you're running the wrong attachments - not that they're easy to get.

A new video has been posted to Reddit with the attachments selection you need to get virtually no recoil on your AK47!


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No Recoil AK47 Attachments And Setup

Reddit user mdms has posted a video of just how effective this AK47 setup is.

In his demonstration, he fires the AK47 without touching his inputs and you can see virtually no recoil!

AK-47 has negative vertical recoil with attachments? :)

This is a potentially devastating weapon combination and may mix up the meta a little bit.


With the aim assist being extremely wonky in this game, this could become an in favour weapon for a while.

So what attachments combination will you need to use?


  • KGB Eliminator (Muzzle)
  • 18.2" VDV Reinforced (Barrel)
  • Spetsnaz Grip (Underbarrel)
  • VDV 50 RND Fast Mag (Magazine)
  • Gru Elastic Wrap (Handle)

We advised checking out our AK47 class guide to see what the ultimate setup is and to greatly improve your gameplay.

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