Who Are The Suspects In Red Circus Cold War Campaign Mission?

Within the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War campaign, there are pieces of evidence that greatly assists you when playing the two side-missions.

There is plenty of content within the game, including the massively immersive campaign.

Throughout the campaign, you will embark on all kinds of missions, including one titled Operation Red Circus.

This is the sixth mission within the game, and there is a certain aspect that has stumped fans.

You will need to select the correct three suspects out of an array of candidates. 

You will need to review the evidence you gathered over your journey thus far to make a final choice.

Here's how to make the correct choice! 



So, in order to nail all three suspects right away, you are going to need to find evidence from previous missions.

This will support your choice of certain characters and will make it a lot easier.

Over the course of the previous missions be on the lookout for this evidence, as you do not want to go back! 

There are three pieces of evidence you will need to find, here they are:

Brick In The Wall

Within this mission, you will find the evidence shortly after sneaking into Kraus' apartment. 

It will be within the top drawer of Kraus's cabinet which is right next to his bed. 

Echoes of A Cold War

The second piece of evidence is one of the tricker ones to find.

It will be located next to a mug and a payphone.

During this mission it will be along the way of the main building you will enter in! 

Desperate Measures

Finally, the last piece of evidence will be located once you break into the records room.

Then you will interact with the watch on one of the desks within this room.

This is the final piece of evidence. 

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