Black Ops Cold War Prop Hunt Coming With Season 1: News, Rumors, Leaks and More

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Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War is due to arrive in December - just one month after launch!

After initially being set for a launch on the 10th, it has now been delayed until the 16th of December!


During The Game Awards 2020 we got a closer look at all of the content coming with the new season.

One game mode that has noted by leakers and during the showcase was Prop Hunt.

Here's all you need to know about the new game mode coming in Black Ops Cold War! 


What Is It? 

For those who do not know, Prop Hunt is a game mode that was widely popularized through Gary's Mod back in the day.

You and a group of other players will disguise yourself as props all over the map to try and hind from one player who is looking for you.


Essentially, it is the video game version of hide and seek!

We have seen the game mode implemented in other popular titles such as Fortnite, but now it is coming to Black Ops Cold War.



BlackOpsLeaks posted the following image which showcases the still image for the new game mode.

We do not know much about the game mode, besides that it appears to be coming next week.

We can assume players will be able to take control of all objects around the map.


While one player has to shoot certain objects in order to eliminate you!

— Adi Source | Black Ops Cold War Leaks (@BlackOpsLeaks)
December 11, 2020


One important note we have spotted is the fact that the map in the background appears to be a Christmas themed Nuketown!



More News

We will be sure to update this page as more news becomes available to us! 


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