Black Ops Cold War LEAKS: Doritos Leaks Title, Logo And Release Date For Call of Duty 2020

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COD 2020 is still a while away, but thanks to a leak coming from Doritos, of all sources, we have an idea of what the Black Ops Cold War 2020 logo looks like.

Here's what we know about the leak.


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See what’s planned for COD 2020 by watching below!

Doritos Leaks Logo

So far we haven't had a lot of reliable leaks/information on Cold War, but Doritos have come to the rescue!


CharlieINTEL posted the below tweet showing the logo for COD 2020.

The image shows the Doritos Double XP ends in January of 2021 meaning we'll likely see a launch in 2020.


Another image surfaced, see below.

This second image states the promotion begins on October 5th of 2020 meaning the launch of Black Ops Cold War should be some time between October and February, though we believe it will be closer to October.

Modern Warfare came out October 25th of last year and the Doritos campaign ran a few weeks prior, so we expect this year's game to follow suit.


As well as this many other leaks have hinted towards maps, weapons and killstreaks, click the links to read articles on the specific topic.

Overall this leak hints to the fact Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War should launch during October, who knew a bag of Doritos would hold so much information!

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