Black Ops Cold War: How To Run Faster - Knife, Attachments and More

Black Ops Cold War is getting seasonal updates, much like Modern Warfare, meaning it should share many of the same features.

Treyarch has just added the beloved Nuketown map; along with implementing double weapon and regular XP.

One aspect that has been heavily praised is the movement within Cold War.

Sliding has never felt better, and the standard pace of your player is faster than most Call of Duty's.

But, if you are looking to move faster, there are a few handy tips.

Here are some of them! 



The combat knife in Black Ops Cold War is one of the strongest knives we have seen in a Call of Duty game.

It has been fantastic to use in zombies, players are aiming to get their knife gold through multiplayer.

If you equip the knife as a secondary weapon, you are able to move around the map faster than if you were holding a weapon.

This is one way to move around Black Ops Cold War faster than regular speed! 



Another surefire way to move around the map is to equip your weapon with certain attachments. 

Specific attachments within the gunsmith menu will increase your overall sprint speed.

You will be able to find some of these within the stock category and even the grip section!

Be sure to let us know which ones you are rocking. 


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