Grenade Launcher Easter Egg In Cold War Campaign Mission Red Light, Green Light

The Call of Duty title, Black Ops Cold War has released all over the world now.

Treyarch is once again back at the helm of a Call of Duty game, and there is a lot to do within the new game.

In similar Treyarch fashion, there is a TON of easter eggs within all the game modes.

From the main zombie's easter egg to mini ones such as the Steiner one within the campaign.

Now, players have discovered yet another egg to accomplish during the game, and this time around it located in the campaign. 

Here's how to check it out! 



This easter egg has been found within the Redlight campaign mission and it is one of the cooler ones.

Reddit user u/dajokaman759 posted to the official Black Ops Cold War sub-Reddit noting this easter egg.

Essentially, if you interact with the Burger Shot Boy statue at one portion of the mission, it will dispense a grenade launcher for you.

This launcher can then be used for the duration of the mission, and will easily eliminate all enemies in front of you!

Be careful however, the launcher only has three rounds; so shoot wisely! 

As well, be sure to let us know if you have found any cool easter eggs within Black Ops Cold War.

We are sure there are plenty that we have not found yet! 


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