Black Ops Cold War: Drift0r Reveals Concerns Based On Game's Open Beta

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Black Ops Cold War had its first wave of open beta last weekend, and it was positively received for the most part.

That's not to say it was entirely smooth, though, as CoD content creator Drift0r explains on the latest episode of the CharlieINTEL podcast.


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Black Ops Cold War: Drift0r Reveals Concerns

"I think it's a little bit of a throwback to older Treyarch games", Drift0r explains, comparing it to the first Black Ops title which Cold War is a sequel to.

Noting that the game plays a little slower than Modern Warfare 2019 thanks to that game's mantling, Drift0r noted that the streaks system is "odd".


"I think that the base gameplay for the game is really good", he added. "I like what they've done with the weapon design and balance, I like the stats, I like the headshot multipliers".

"I like what they've mostly done with the health bars and the tuning, the streaks are good, the streaks system is a little bit odd".

Unfortunately, the YouTuber has had some issues with the game's connectivity.

"Something has gone wrong with the connections that kind of obscures that really good game and it kind of gets lost somewhere in the nonsense".


He did also note that he expects the game to be much more solid when played via LAN, and also said that the game was more stable during the Alpha.

He was, however, full of praise for the ziplines that have been added, calling those a "great, great feature".

Black Ops: Cold War featured heavily in the PS5 showcase we saw last month, but there may be some things that you missed.

We also know that the game's version of Warzone will still be set in Verdansk.


Then there's the seemingly inevitable Modern Warfare Season 7, which we've rounded up all the latest news for here.

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