Black Ops 5: Zombies News, Characters, Chaos Story and Details for COD 2020

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With the news that popular developer Treyarch will be creating the latest instalment of the Call of Duty franchise, the community are excited by the return of a Zombie mode.

Treyarch is widely considered as the king of Call of Duty titles in recent times, most notably for their Zombies mocde, dating all the way back to its introduction back on Call of Duty: World at War.

In this article, we take a look at the latest news surrounding the potential addition of a Zombies mode into Call of Duty: Black Ops 5, the rumoured name for COD 2020.

See what’s planned for COD 2020 by watching below!

What Do We Know So Far?

After the anti-climatic conclusion to the main Zombies storyline back in DLC 4 of Black Ops 4, it is unlikely that we will be seeing any of those characters making a return to Zombies.

With the story ending, it is likely that a new Zombies mode will be a brand-new story if it does feature in the new game.

In June 2019, TheGamingRevolution reported that Treyarch was debating whether to include characters from the COD 2020 campaign alongside the characters from the Aether story.

Assuming that this is correct information, COD 2020 Zombies will have a brand-new storyline, potentially including campaign characters and some familiar faces for that hit of nostalgia.

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As mentioned earlier, it has been reported that characters from the COD 2020 campaign will feature in an original storyline.

There is also potential of a return of the characters from the Aether story, implying that the new storyline could be either some form of cross-over with the campaign or it is going to be a complete reboot of the whole Zombies experience.

Chaos Story

The release of the Ancient Evil map seemingly suggested that the Chaos story for Zombies would continue throughout the cycle of Black Ops 4.

But after two maps, the Chaos story appears to be dead in the water, with nothing clear surrounding its ending.

According to many players, Activision did not like the Chaos story, implying that this is the reason as to why the story has yet to be concluded by Treyarch.

With the release of COD 2020 slowly approaching and new information surrounding the game coming to the forefront in every other week, could there be a chance for the Chaos story to be revived on the new release? Only time will tell!

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Other than the high chance of an all-new storyline taking place for COD 2020, details surrounding Zombies has been relatively quiet.

The main rumour surrounding COD 2020 Zombies is a total reboot of the Aether story, taking it in a totally new direction from the previous story, which was rounded off during Black Ops 4.

With Jason Blundell, to many in the community seen as the father of Zombies, leaving Treyarch it is unclear what direction we can expect the mode to take.

In recent years, PlayStation has held an exclusivity deal on DLC, particularly around the Zombie mode - this content has always comes first to PlayStation 5 with Xbox Series X receiving it a later.

Modern Warfare changes the game in that all DLC arrives at the same time - assuming there will be cross-play in COD 2020 as well, zombie DLC should hit all platforms simultaneously.

It will certainly be interesting to see what Treyarch has in store for the Zombies community in 2020.



A set of rumored multiplayer, campaign, Warzone, and now Zombie map names have been leaked via a report from CharlieIntel.

Inside this report, they have noted that a name of the Zombies map has been codenamed 'Silver'.

Besides the color codename for the CoD 2020 Zombies map, we do not know any more details!

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