BitLife school - Schools list and guide

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Screenshot for BitLife, showing the primary school enrolment screen

No BitLife career is complete without going through your teenage years, which is where the BitLife school experience comes into play. You'll have to get through elementary and high school before choosing whether to pursue higher education or not, with your decision potentially having lifelong BitLife consequences.

As with real-life, BitLife school has its own roster of trials and tribulations. You'll have to deal with bullying, acting up in class, and schoolmate crushes. And that's on top of your usual extracurricular activities. It's no easy feat balancing all of these, so we're here to help.

BitLife school list

  • Elementary school
  • High school
  • Graduate school
  • Law school
  • Veterinary school
  • Medical school
  • Business school
  • Nursing school
  • Dental school
  • Pharmacy school

What is BitLife school?

The BitLife school system is a mandatory stage of every character's early years. You'll automatically be enrolled once you reach the ages of four or six and then get the chance to leave between ages 16–18. In the period between these years, your character will undergo their studies and deal with playground fights, cheating classmates, and a range of other lifelike scenarios.

Throughout your years in the BitLife school, you'll notice a fluctuating bar that represents your grades: the higher the bar, the better your grades—and the better chances of you getting into university in the future. If you choose to skip school, mess around in class, or pick fights with other class members, your grades will plummet, ultimately affecting your future prospects.

While at school, there are a few actions you can undertake. For instance, you can interact with members of the faculty or even your classmates; befriending them or simply causing mischief with them. You're also able to choose whether to study harder or start cutting classes. Unsurprisingly, either of these options can impact your grades. More on that below.

Screenshot from BitLife, showing the character joining elementary school
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What types of BitLife school are there?

When you first enrol in BitLife school as a toddler, you'll see a screen with details of your current institution. This includes the type of school (public or private) and how long you'll be there. Though the moves you can make here are typically vast, there are fewer options available while you're at primary school: you're unable to drop out, join clubs, or even skip classes.

These choices become available once you reach high school and turn into a young adult. At this age, you can get a part-time job to handle alongside your studies, and even join cliques—different types of social groups ranging from nerds and jocks to gamers to skaters. You won't see any noticeable gameplay differences based on which clique you join, but it helps you earmark your character's personality early in their life.

What are BitLife school extracurricular activities?

One impactful element of the BitLife school experience is the range of extracurricular activities available during these crucial early years. These encompass all the clubs and activities you'd expect from a half-decent school; like basketball, golf, journalism, and dance.

Succeeding in these activities will let you rise to become the president or vice-president of your respective clubs. The longer you take part in them, the better your chances are of getting a career in this field once you're an adult. As such, if you want to be a football star in your BitLife future, you'll want to join the soccer team as soon as you can.

Can you be expelled from BitLife school?

If the academic life isn't for you, you run the risk of exiting your BitLife school experience early by getting expelled. In fact, your best chance of leaving BitLife school early is by trying to get yourself thrown out of school.

This can generally be done by committing plenty of offences; like insulting your teachers and causing fights. On the first instance of committing one of these offences, you'll likely get a stern talking-to from your teachers and parents. Continuing to do it and you'll increase your chances of expulsion.

How do I drop out from BitLife school?

  • Enter the school menu
  • Click on Secondary School
  • Click on "Drop Out"

Dropping out from BitLife school is surprisingly difficult. You can only do it very late into your academic career. Most countries have a minimum age before you're allowed to drop out (typically 15) which can make dropping out feel like a waste of time.

Once you're of age, though, it's as simple as clicking the "Drop Out" button on the Secondary School menu. But that's not the end of it. If your BitLife parents are alive, they'll typically overrule your decision. As such, dropping out tends to only work if your character is orphaned.

You do have to be careful, though, as some playground fights can get you worse than expelled - a sentence in a youth offenders' institution. If you manage to accidentally kill a classmate during a fight, the chances are you'll be charged with manslaughter and given a few years of detainment, which is far worse than just sitting out the rest of your time in school.

BitLife university explained


Once your time in the compulsory BitLife school system is complete, you have the choice of either getting a job or heading to university.

If you choose the latter, you'll be prompted to pick your preferred course as well as how you'll pay your tuition fees. The ensuing three or four years are then broadly similar in gameplay to your time at school: you'll study for tests, friends will want to copy from you, and you'll have to deal with relationships. Getting your degree will give you access to higher-paid jobs, but you can continue on to graduate school to unlock even better job prospects.

And that should be everything you need to know about the BitLife school system. We've gone over what school consists of in the game, as well as the various types of school, and how you can wrangle yourself out of education. The key is finding a balance between the years you spend in BitLife school and how you'd like to spend your time before retirement.

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